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Minivan Tours

Chinchero, Maras, Moray, salt mines and Ollantaytambo


This tour is a superior alternative because it is joined by a complete tour like maras, Moray salineras which is the one day and 65% of a sacred valley like chinchero and ollantaytambo. We offer you two tours in less than a day

Explore the beautiful Urubamba Valley in Peru on this one-day trip from Cuzco. Visit the Andean town of Chinchero, see the ancient salt-producing city of Maras and the impressive terraces of Moray, and marvel at the Inca fortress of Ollantaytambo




Cusco and the surrounding area is a combination tour visiting two very important places in the city of the historic Cusco such as: the cathedral of the city and the temple of the sun (Qoricancha) and with 4 archaeological centers outside the city and the most important and impressive of them is saqsayhuaman an archaeological complex of great monumental beauty.



Sacred Valley of the Incas a whole day tours in which you can appreciate the most sacred of what was in the Incas a valley surrounded by mountains with wonderful landscape views and crossing the entire valley the Urubamba River, river that runs through cross the same town of aguas calientes and that in all the tours visits are made of the viewpoints where you can take very good photos and visits are also made of the archaeological center of Pisac and also the craft fair of the same town, ollantaytambo archaeological center wonderful and ancestral town and ending you will arrive at the town you chinchero where are the most expert weavers from the Inca era to the present day

MARAS, MORAY and salt mines


Half-time tours approximately 5 hours in which visits are made to the village of maras, popularly known for the large salt mine that the town has, and just afterwards we visit the salt mines that have hundreds of salt wells that form a Impressionate view pair some beautiful photos and then visit Moray a place of great importance at the time for being a place of acclimatization of products of first necessity

Valle Sur Tour – Cusco


The circuit through the South Valley, will allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes of the Andean highlands; you can see the magnificent hydraulic architecture of Tipón, pre-Inca constructions in Pikillaqta and beautiful works of art of the Cusco school in the temple of Andahuaylillas; On the way back, you can visit a variety of restaurants; in the town of Saylla the specialty is the “chicharrón”, but if you want to try the delicious “cuy” (guinea pig), take advantage of the weather in Tipón. The best way to do this tour is on a private tour, but you will also enjoy being part of an organized tour.

Tour to the Sacred Valley and Maras Moray, salt mines


In this splendid Full Day you will know the majestic Sacred Valley of the Incas in its entirety! You will enjoy the colonial Inca town of Chinchero as well as magnificent views that the combination of Inca and Colonial legacies that are still preserved.

After exploring the Sacred Valley we will go to the Archaeological Complex of Moray. Where you can appreciate the most impressive Inca Agricultural Laboratory.

In the same district of Maras, we visited Las Salineras, a beautiful place where we found a set of approximately 3000 wells that the inhabitants use and benefit from them

Then we go to the Inca town of Ollantaytambo, called “Living Inca City”

Now we are going to the last point but not less important, Pisac.

One of the most important agricultural and spiritual centers of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

City tours in Pisac


This tour is a superior alternative because it is linked to a complete tour such as saqsayhuaman, quenquo, puca pucara, tambomachay and 40% of the sacred valley that is the archaeological center of Pisac and its artisan fair with the additional sanctuary of animals of cochahuasy a very nice place to take photos with the auquénidos like llama, guanaco, alpaca, vicuña and condors enjoy everything that would take you in almost two days of your time in Cusco in just under a day with we

City tours plus sacred valley


This tour proposes to enjoy several places of the city tour and the Sacred Valley: In a single day so that way you could save and have a day won in Cusco since when you do this tours that normally take two days we offer you in so just one day and you will appreciate all our important tourist attractions

Laguna Humantay full Day


Surrounded by mountains and the imposing snow of Humantay and skirts of the salkantay snow that is the path for people who make the trek to Machupicchu is 4000 meters above sea level a beautiful lagoon which invites you to enjoy its crystal clear waters and wonderful scenery that surrounds it.



Experience a beautiful route to the Ausangate valley in a walk of about 1 hour, in which we will appreciate a mountain of many colors, similar to the rainbow and known as Cerro Colorado. The Vinicunca mountain is located at 5200 m.s.m., the amount of minerals that the mountain has, give it its color lines and make it so special

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